Salome Jashi: Speechless

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Salome Jashi: Speechless

Georgian director. Saw one of her previous works last year, ”Their Helicopter”, written about on this site. And praised at the same time her on-going film project, ”Restaurant Bakhmaro and Those Who Work There”, that is now with the director at the Ex Oriente film project.

This 12 minutes long wordless documentary includes faces that you are invited to look at, not talking faces, because words – as the director has said – can not express the feelings that these Georgians have, having experienced the Georgian-Russian war in August 2008. It is impossible not to feel as a voyeur watching these people (an older woman, a girl, a younger woman, an old man, a mother with child, a man in battledress and more... all in front of a ”neutral” wall), you wonder why you watch the faces and feel a bit embarassed but you stay and get the written info on the people at the end of the film. Conceptual, yes, impressive, yes – a film that is part of a series called ”10 Minutes of Democracy”, more here and below.

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