Måns Månsson: Mr. Governor

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Måns Månsson: Mr. GovernorYou wonder why it is interesting to watch a man, who sits at his desk browsing through a newspaper for more than a minute. It is. There is no computer at that desk, the governor of Uppsala uses a pen and keeps total order of his busy schedule with a small black notebook. No need to be jealous of his work which is full of receptions, openings of exhibitions, lunches, speeches, visits to the capital to see the king in whatever official duty that comes up. “It is tiring but good fun”, says sympathetic Anders Björck, a perfectionist, who in the period of filming is more than involved in the celebration of the local hero, the world famous Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné) (1707 - 1778).

I don’t recall the last time I saw such an unsensational film about a man and his work which basically is about keeping dignity and protocol in a world that long ago has forgotten what that is. An orderly man, always in black, discreetly taking care of his county and country. Swedish politics as it can also be. Diplomacy as well – the governor has met them all, including the emperor of Japan.

The main reason for watching this film and its main character with great interest could the stylistical take that director and cameraman Måns Månsson has chosen. A quote from the site of Filmkontakt Nord: It was shot on 16mm black & white reversal film with a 12mm wide-angle lens. Jean Rouch once described the 12mm lens on a 16mm camera as the closest equivalent of the human eye in cinema, and black and white film has an unbeatable ability to communicate subjective moods and atmospheres whereas colour often simply represents 'documentary' reality.

If the last assumption is right, I don’t know, but the cinematography is stunning.
Sweden, Finland, 2008, 86'
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