Mia Engberg: Hypermoon

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Mia Engberg: Hypermoon

First a flashback to 2013 where I saw the director’s “Belleville Baby” and wrote (on this site): “Swedish Mia Engberg’s”Belleville Baby” is beautiful. Why, because it has a feeling, an atmosphere, a personal tone (the director’s own voice and her text is excellent) and a well told story from the past, where the director fell in love in Paris, lived with him for some time, experienced him becoming a criminal, because of his immigrant background, an honest film that also includes reflections on the fimmaker wanting to convey the good story, whatever the subject of the story thinks... it is so well made with a mix af material – super 8 blurred images, photos, newsreels and tv-reports from riots in France, home video from the director with her small son, all framed by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydike. An essay film on remembering, and remembering different moments and events, maybe they never took place. Impressive work by Mia Engberg.” She made in 2019 ”Lucky One” according to CPH:DOX, I have not seen that.

And then... 

to her new film, “Hypermoon” that has its international premiere at CPH:DOX, also a personal film, call it an essay, also a film where she demonstrates her amazing touch on a text that goes the whole way through, catching your attention all the time and contributes to make the film rich in its approach to Life and Death, with material again from Belleville, with conversations with her lover from that time, with jumps to her grandmother and her fate, to the Russian astronaut Valentina, who landed somewhere in Kazakhstan, which was not planned, among local people who greeted her, with shots of her son and daughter at home, with underwater shots following the main narrative: she discovers a lump in one of her breasts, goes to hospital, has it taken out, get chemotherapy and radiation and is discharged. Oh, it’s wonderful so see a film full of visual interpretation and reflection on the life we live… “la vie en rose”?

Sweden, 2023, 78 mins.

Still: Hypermoon (cph.dox)

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