Doker 2021

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Doker 2021


The festival starts on Friday June 18 and goes on until June 27, the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival, that is close to my heart, because of the dedication, thoughtfulness, independence and competence of those, who are running it, the team, that is described like this on the website:

The DOKer team is a community of like-minded people: directors, cinematographers, sound directors, producers and specialists in other fields, but all passionate enthusiasts for nonfiction cinema…

I was at the festival in 2019 in the short film jury, where awards were given not only to Best film but also to Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound. Respect!


More about the leading team members: Irina Shatalova is the founder of the Doker screening project (10 years ago), a brilliant cinematographer – and the director and producer of the festival. She co-directed ”Linar” (praised here

with Nastia Tarasova, who is the program director of the festival, where Tatayana Soboleva takes care of the industry part of the festival and is in the selection committee as is Sergei Kachkin, who takes care of “international relations” and with the help of the Danish Embassy in Moscow has “hired” me to write about films in the festival.

The other day I wrote about Soboleva’s “The Russian Way” and before that also her “Siberian Floating Hospital”

Sergei Kachkin made, among others, “On the Way Home” – also written about

Not to forget Mash Ka – Maria Kozlova – documentarian, photo artist and the festival’s excellent photographer, always creating a good atmosphere!

The festival program includes the feature length and short film competition, a category called ”Let it Dok!” (”information technology and documentaries”), a program for kids and « DOK Therapy » including the fine Romanian film ”Us Against Us”, where ”The director and her father take a camera in hand and film each other during interviews in which they discuss schizophrenia, their own pasts, and their personal conceptions of happiness.” To be recommended.

As four of the films in the international competition, films I have seen and recommend : The Czech « A New Shift” (PHOTO), the Colombian ”Between Fire and Water”, the American/Mexican ”Dirty Feathers” and the Hungarian ”Her Mothers”. More about these documentaries when the festival starts. 

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