Artdocfest/ Riga Announces Competition Films

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Artdocfest/ Riga Announces Competition Films

Zane Balčus, film critic and journalist, colleague and manager of Baltic Sea Docs, writes for the FNE, Film New Europe, that I can only recommend warmly you to subscribe to if you want daily film news from Eastern and Central Europe. With her permission I copy paste the article:

Riga: International Documentary Film Festival Ardocfest / Riga will run from 26 November to 1 December in Riga. The screenings are planned to be held at the cinema Splendid Palace. The festival will have two competition sections – an international competition (with 21 films) and Baltic competition – Baltic Focus (films produced in or co-produced with Baltic countries, 8 films). All competition films will be Latvian premieres. 

The main award of the Baltic Focus competition will be named Herz, honouring Latvian documentary filmmaker Hercs Franks (1926 – 2013).

On the jury of the international competition will be Russian-American journalist Vladimir Pozner, the director of the National Film Centre of Latvia Dita Rietuma, and journalist of music and politics Artemy Troitsky, who is currently based in Estonia. Baltic Focus will be judged by film consultant Tue Steen Müller (Denmark), director Alina Rudnitskaya (Russia), and associate professor of University of Cagliari Massimo Tria (Italy). 

Artdocfest was established in Russia in 2007. Since 2015 it was partnering with Riga International Film Festival as a non-competitive section of documentary films, but since 2018 it was running as an international documentary competition section within Riga IFF. Organizers of Ardocfest / Riga has an ambition to become an important cultural and documentary film event in the Baltics and broader Eastern European region. Along with the film competition programme, the festival will have out of competition screenings, a symposium dedicated to theoretical discussions on documentary cinema.

Out of competition programme will include latest film by the festival’s president, director Vitaly Mansky Gorbachev. Paradise.  

International Competition programme:

Breaking into Baikonur / Vtorgnennia na Baikonur (Ukraine, 2020)

Directed by Dmitriy Gromov, Angel Angelov

Bitter Love (Sweden, Poland, Finland, 2020)

Directed by Jerzy Sladkowski

Garage People / Garagenvolk (Germany, 2020)

Directed by Natalya Efimkina

Gunda (Norway, USA, 2020)

Directed by Victor Kossakovsky

Gift / Dar (Russia, 2020)

Directed by Valentin Sidorenko

Joy / Dzhoi (Russia, 2020)

Directed by Darya Slyusarenko

The Earth is Blue as an Orange / Zemlia blakitna, nibi apel’sin (Ukraine, Lithuania, 2020)

Directed by Iryna Tsilyk

Co-produced by Moonmakers

Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre

The Whale from Lorino / Wieloryb z Lorino (Poland, 2019)

Directed by Machey Kuske

Produced by Pokromski Studio

The Foundation Pit / Kotlovan (Russia, 2020)

Directed by Andrey Gryazev

Kunashir (France, 2019)

Directed by Vladimir Kozlov

A Boy / Malchik (Russia, 2020)

Directed by Vitaliy Akimov

It's Night Outside (Belgium, 2020)

Directed by Lea Tonner, Caroline Guimbal

I Need the Handshakes (Poland, Belarus, 2020)

Directed by Andrei Kutsila

Produced by Belsat TV

Dad / Papa (Russia, 2020)

Directed by Valeriya Gay Germanika

Don’t Hesitate to Come for a Visit, Mom (Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, 2020)

Directed by Anna Artemyeva 

Stasya is me / Stasia – eto ia (Russia, Ukraine, 2020)

Directed by Stasya Grankovskaya

Shadows of Your Childhood / Teni tvoego detstva (Russia, 2019)

Directed by Mihail Gorobchuk

Silent Voice (France, 2020)

Directed by Reka Valerik

Daybreak, sunset, cow milk / Utro, vecher, moloko (Russia, 2020)

Directed by Marina Fomenko

Time is (Belgium, 2019)

Directed by Zaur Kurazov

Beaumonde scrapping / Chermet (Russia, 2020)

Directed by Nikolay N. Viktorov

Baltic Focus competition:

The Jump / Šuolis (Lithuania, Latvia, France, 2020)

Directed by Giedrė Žickytė

Produced by Moonmakers

Co-produced by VFS Films

Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre, the National Film Centre of Latvia

The Weight of All the Beauty / Süda Sõrve Sääres (Estonia, 2019)

Directed by Eeva Mägi

Produced by Alasti Kino

Supported by the Estonian Film Institute

Meanwhile on Earth (Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, 2020)

Directed by Carl Olsson

Co-produced by Allfilm

Supported by the Estonian Film Institute

Restless Memories Nemierīgās atmiņas (Latvia, 2020)

Directed by Elina Lange-Ionatamishvili

Co-produced by Mistrus Media

One Life / Vienas gyvenimas (Lithuania, 2019)

Directed by Marija Stonytė

Produced by Moonmakers

Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre

A Loss of Something Ever Felt / Üht kaotust igavesti kandsin (Estonia, Sweden, Colombia, 2020)

Directed by Carlos E. Lesmes, Liis Nimik

Produced by Alasti Kino

Supported by the Estonian Film Institute

Lobster Soup (Spain, Iceland, Lithuania, 2020)

Directed by Rafael Molés, Pepe Andreu

Co-produced by Studio Nominum

Supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre

The Circle / Südamering (Estonia, 2019)

Directed by Margit Lillak

Produced by Allfilm

Supported by the Estonian Film Institute 


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