Uldis Cekulis - Conversation

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Uldis Cekulis - Conversation

Feature length conversation with Latvian producer and cameraman Uldis Cekulis. It took place during the Baltic Sea Docs 2020 earlier this month. Clips and words about Uldis Brauns, “Bridges of Time” and “235.000.000”, about filming in Georgia, drinking chacha, the collaboration with Laila Pakalnina, about international networking, based on friendships, international coproductions, funding, pitching, Laibach and North Korea, Rossellini, Audrius Kemezys, “every film is like a child, you need to care”. 50% talk, 50% clips. Thanks to Baltic Sea Docs and Zane Balcus for letting me share this – and to Uldis Cekulis.

Photo: Gints Lvuskans

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