Statement of BSD on the events in Belarus

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Statement of BSD on the events in Belarus

BSD - Baltic Sea Docs

"We express the support for the people of Belarus, who are witnessing the brutality of the failing regime. We stand for the freedom of expression, human rights, and democratic governing of the state – all of which are being violated in Belarus in the aftermath of the 9 August presidential ‘elections’. 

We stand by the filmmakers of Belarus, who are among those being targeted now, and who have seen the oppression of free speech long before it already.

On the behalf of participants and organizers of the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries:

Virginija Vareikyte, director, Lithuania

Dagne Vildziunaite, producer, Lithuania

Maria Gavrilova, producer, Russia

Yevgeny Gindilis, producer, Russian Federation

Emma Davie, filmmaker, Scotland

Phil Jandaly, filmmaker, Sweden

Vlad Ketkovich, producer, Russian Federation

Audrius Stonys, film maker, Lithuania 

Taisiia Kutuzova, Ukrainian filmmaker

Sona Margaryan, Armenian filmmaker 

Lilit Movsisyan, Armenian Filmmaker 

Inesa Mkrtchyan, Film producer from Armenia 

Nino Orjonikidze, filmmaker, Georgia

Agnieszka Rostropowicz-Rutkowska, film producer Poland

Marta Dużbabel, Film Producer Poland

More Raça, Writer and director, Kosovo

Zane Balčus, project manager, Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries

Margarita Rimkus, project assistant, Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries

Matīss Kaža, director & producer, Latvia

Una Celma, director & producer, Latvia

Alexander Koridze, filmmaker, Georgia

Max Tuula, producer, Estonia 

Antra Cilinska, producer, Latvia                                                     

Aliaksei Paluyan, film director, Belarus

Natalia Libet, film producer, Ukraine

Mikael Opstrup, Doc Developer, Denmark

Tue Steen Müller, film consultant and critic, Denmark

Ivo Felt, film producer, Estonia

Stasys Baltakis, producer, Lithuania

Malgorzata Prociak, film producer, Poland

Gitte Hansen, distributor, Switzerland

Peter Kerekes, film director, Slovakia

Juha Löppönen, producer, Finland

Elli Toivoniemi, producer, director, Finland

Elīna Gediņa - Ducena, producer

Marina-Evelina Cracana, producer, Sweden

Oscar Hedin, producer & director, Sweden

Vesa Kuosmanen, film director, Finland

Saila Kivelä, film director, Finland

Ieva Ūbele, producer, Latvia

Renato Borrayo Serrano, filmmaker, Guatemala

Diana El Jeiroudi, filmmaker, Syria / Germany

Pertti Veijalainen, producer, Finland

Lelda Ozola, Creative Europe Desk Latvia, Media Office, Latvia

Pāvels Terentjevs, film programme coordinator, Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, Latvia

Antra Gaile, project coordinator, Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, Latvia

Ieva Lange, information officer, Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, Latvia

PHOTO above is taken from a FB post of Belarussian documentary colleague, Anastasiya Miroshnichenko ("Debut") from yesterday. She writes "Overflowing with delight, pride and love! Thanks to each of us! Together we will win!



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