Nordisk Panorama – Documentaries

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Nordisk Panorama – Documentaries

14 films are to be found in the competitive category “Best Nordic Documentary”, 18 in the “New Nordic Voices”, that also includes fiction and animation films.

This is the focus of this post, won’t bother you with my very little knowledge about today’s short and children films.

In competition: If I were you I would watch Jerzy Sladkowski’s new film ”Bitter Love” (PHOTO) that takes you on a cruise on Volga, where people meet to talk, kiss, pass the time, talk philosophy and literature as the Russians do. I am a fan of Sladkowski and share his obsession with Russia,his films are always full of humour and a fascination that is brilliantly conveyed by his magnificent cameraman Polish Wojciech Staron.

You could also go with Estephan Wagner and Marianne Hougen-Moraga to Chile, were their ”Songs of Repression” takes place at a village in the Andes, where a German colony has been for decades… the film reveals in a fine way, through the characters chosen, abuse and religious fanatism. Great film that was praised when it was shown at the DocsBarcelona.

And ”The Cave” by Feras Fayyad is there… no further introduction needed.

And then some that I look fwd to see: John Webster’s “Eye to Eye”, ”Colombia in My Arms” by Finnish Jenni Kivistö and Jussi Rastas… and many more.

Go to the website and check the trailers. And I heard that you better be quick if you want to get tickets as the number of people who can watch each film is limited.  

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