Niels Pagh Andersen at DocsBarcelona

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Niels Pagh Andersen at DocsBarcelona

Yesterday a masterclass was held with Danish editor Niels Pagh Andersen in conversation with me. I was happy to see that almost 130 attended the class with ”the Skinny Romantic”, as he has been called by Ai WeiWei, whose ”Vivos” is one of the films at the online DocsBarcelona 2020. The other film at the festival edited by Andersen is Danish ”Songs of Repression” by Marianne Hougen-Moraga and Estephan Wagner. The film that won two awards at the Cph:Dox festival recently, produced by Final Cut for Real that also stood behind ”Act of Killing” and ”Look of Silence”, also edited by the storyteller from Hans Christian Andersen’s country.

Among the themes: Emotional dramaturgy, Director and Editor, Holding back Information, Empathy for the characters, Good and Evil, Order in chaos and much much more.

If you were not among the viewers yesterday, you can see and hear by clicking, it’s for free and in (some kind of) English:


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