Latvian Documentaries

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Latvian Documentaries

… coming up. Grants were given by the National Film Centre. For 8 documentaries, most of them to be realised by producers and directors I have met and valued during the many years, I have followed the documentary scene in the Baltic country.

Super-productive Laila Pakalnina, whose “Spoon” recently was praised on this site, is there with a project called “Homes”, veteran Peteris Krilovs (the wonderful “Klucis”) is there as well with vfs studio (Uldis Cekulis) as production company, Davis Simanis (“Escaping Riga”, Chronicles of the Last Temple”…always testing the aesthetic possibilities of the film language) works again with Guntis Trekteris (Ego Media), title “Frankenstein 2.0” (!!!), Kristine Briede (who made the successful “Bridges of Time” with Audrius Stonys from Lithuania) got funding for “Fluctuations”, whatever hides behind that title and the title “Podnieks par Podnieku / A Man and His Time” is a film to be about legendary Juris Podnieks (“Is it Easy to be Young” and many other classics in Latvian documentary history) of course to be produced by the company that carries his name, Juris Podnieks Studio (headed by Antra Cilinska) with Anna Viduleja as director.

Three other directors/companies were granted: Kārlis Lesiņš (company Mistrus Media, Gints Grube), Una Celma and Andrejs Verhoustinskis.

The whole list of grants (also with fiction and animation) can be found on

Total: 1,768,327 EUR – 371,500 € for documentaries, a bit more than 20%. 

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