Atahualpa Lichy: The Mystery of Lagoons

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Atahualpa Lichy: The Mystery of Lagoons

I met – on skype – Atahualpa and Diana Lichy last week for a conversation about ”Memorias de un Tiempo Eterno” that is selected, as one of four, for the Rough Cut Pitch at the upcoming DocsBarcelona, taking place May 28. Lichy – I knew his name from when he was running a documentary festival in Lille in France, where he has also worked at the Quantaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes. His filmography is long including the wonderful visual poem ”The Mystery of Lagoons” that has been shown at numerous festivals. Atahualpa Lichy has generously offered the film free of charge – Until June 15. Here is the link for a film full of music, small intro from th edirector: … "The Mystery of the Lagoons, Andean Fragments" (Venezuela) directed by Atahualpa Lichy, selected in more than 50 important international festivals. Great Venezuelan singers sing the commentary. In these moments of anxiety, a little bit of poetry and optimism, it's good. Film for all audiences. From 3 to 103 years old… and there is actually a fine old man of 103 and an energetic child of 21/2 ,to be precise:

"El Misterio de las Lagunas. Fragmentos Andinos" est libre sur Vimeo, jusqu'au 15 juin:

With English subtitles :

Avec sous titres en français:


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