D Like Documentary, D like Denmark

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D Like Documentary, D like Denmark

A quick copy-paste (almost) note on the fact that the wonderful Krakow Film Festival, in its celebration of its 60th edition (!), dedicates its special section to documentaries from Denmark. The programme director of the festival, Barbara Orlicz-Szczypula, has this comment in the press release:


Denmark is another country of the Baltic Sea region, which we will take a closer look atThis year’s selection proves, however, that the Danish filmmakers, just like the Polish ones, are more eager to go abroad with their cameras. The variety of topics they deal with is surprising and engaging. In the programme, we will watch both several psychological portraits of the contemporary human, as well as fascinating stories about distant cultures.

I nodded when I read the words about ”going abroad” remembering my time as film consultant at the Danish Film Board (now part of Danish Film Institute). I often asked the makers: Why not a film that has its theme here in Denmark? „Too boring”, some said openly. And yet, not to be forgotten, Danish documentary heroes like Jørgen Roos, Jon Bang Carlsen, Jørgen Leth and Anne Wivel have made great documentaries about Denmark and Danes.

The selection made by the Polish festival looks like below – we have reviewed and praised all of them, except for the new film by Anders Østergaard and the one by Jannik Splidsboel. We will catch up on that.

“Dziecko miłości” / “Love Child,” dir. Eva Mulvad, 112’, 2019

“Fotograf wojny” / “Photographer of War,” dir. Boris Benjamin Bertram, 78’, 2019

“Front grubych” / “Fat Front,” dir. Louise Detlefsen, Louise Unmack Kjeldsen, 87’, 2019

“Podróż zimowa” / “Winter Journey,” dir. Anders Østergaard, 87’, 2019

“U barbera” / “Q’s Barbershop,” dir. Emil Langballe, 60’, 2019

“Współczesny mężczyzna” / “A Modern Man,” dir. Eva Mulvad, 84’, 2017

“Z głębi lądu” / “Dreams from The Outback,” dir. Jannik Splidsboel, 84’, 2019

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