Best Documentaries 2019 Intro

Skrevet den 31-12-2019 10:55:36 af Tue Steen Mller

Best Documentaries 2019 Intro

On this last day of 2019, and of a decade, Filmkommentaren wishes you all the best in the new year.

It’s been a pleasure for us to give you news and opinions about the (mostly) documentary world. We intend to continue in the same way in 2020.

To close 2019, below you will find a list of 16 documentaries that was seen and highly appreciated by us.

Like last year we ended up with 16, that follow in a random order.

If you wonder… where are “Aquarela”, “Bridges of Time”, “Putin’s Witnesses”… – they were on the 2018 list, the year they premiered.

If you think… why not this or that one… the reason could be that we have not seen the film! Or we did not like it! Or we had to make the limit by 16.

Filmkommentaren is run by Allan Berg and Tue Steen Müller, our policy with this con amore blog is to first of all write about what we like.

Hope you enjoy the list, and the links that will bring you to the reviews.

Photo - from the MakeDox festival in Skopje - of director Artemio Benki, who won an award at the festival, and whose "Solo" is on our list.

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