MakeDox Awards

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MakeDox Awards

At the 10th edition of the MakeDox festival in Skopje in North Macedonia the awards were given in a non-competitive festive atmosphere as you have been able to witness through the huge photo coverage the festival has given its FB friends, including me, who was at the festival a couple of years ago, and it IS like that: warm in temperature and hospitality, and focused on bringing the best of the best to the audience. That is from my point of view conveyed perfectly in the jury choices:

• Onion Award- best film in the Main program
Jury: Ann Georgette, Ineke Smiths, Victor Edde
Solo- Artemio Benki
Special mention (City of the Dead- Miguel Eeek)

• Young Onion Award- for the best newcomer’s film two awards
Jury: Vincent Deutre, Viola Stephan, Gjorche Stavreski
Honeyland (Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska)
Gods of Molenbeek- (Reeta Huhtanen)

• Sliced Onion- for the best short film
Jury: Ondrej Kamenicky, Martin Ivanov, Anca Paunescu
Our Song to War- Juanita Rodriguez Onzaga

• Onion Seed Award- for the best student film
Jury: Jasmin Basic, Martina Valentina Baumgartner, Illeana Stanculescu
La Bestia- Train of the Unknowns- Manuel Inacker
Special mention ( Hey, bro!- Aleksandar Elkan)

• Best Moral Approach Award
Jury: Vivan Storlund, Risto Solunchev, John Parish
The Gods of Molenbeek- Reeta Huhtanen

And look at the photo (taken by the festival): Director Artemio Benki calls the protagonist of the film, Martìn Perino, to tell him that their film has won the main award! Long distance call, I guess Martin Perino was in Buenos Aires. The award is given to a film that took me totally by the heart, when I saw it in May this year, here is a bit of my text on this site: ...

Now it is my turn to put down, what I feel and think after having watched ”Solo” – for the second time. I feel that I have been given the gift of getting very close to a man with an extraordinary musical talent. For playing and composing. A very generous move from a fragile man, who spent 3 years at el Borda, the psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires, gets out from there but is still under treatment. He lets me suffer with him, be happy and enjoy, when he is at the piano. And a very – towards him – respectful and compassionate move from the filmmakers to convey, what they got from Martìn Perino... if you want to read the whole review:

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