Laila Pakalnina: Fishing in the River of Time

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Laila Pakalnina: Fishing in the River of Time

The Latvian filmmaker, who has made feature and documentary films, that have gone all over the world, who has made long and short films and who indeed has her own style, is quoted from a blog that advertises a workshop that she leads in Poland in October:

– Every film for me means risk. I am not craftsman; I am not delivering certain product. I am making film and that means breathtaking balancing between shit and art. I hope for art of course. And I admire this risk. As for me this is the only way how to make film… – I call my method of work “Fishing in the river of time”. As life is extremely talented, we just put camera, set composition and wait. And life happens. So film happens. Sometimes immediately, sometimes in hours and even days…

– I like to make films on simple subjects – delivery of the mail, bicycle road, just a bridge etc. In fact like in very beginning of film history brothers Lumiere did – Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat; Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory etc. Maybe it is because filming simple things or actions you always catch something more, something meaningful. As for example in the shot with postwoman there is something more than just postwoman, there is universe – because it is documentary, it is not created by me but by life. I am just fixing this universe from the certain angle in certain framing…

Film Spring Workshop will take place from the 17th – 26th of October in Krakow, Poland.

The still is from a film that Pakalnina is finishing right now, “Spoon”

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