Tal Amiran: Sand Men

Skrevet den 25-06-2018 12:22:48 af Tue Steen Müller

Tal Amiran: Sand Men

We met at Amdocs festival in Palm Springs, where the English director showed his fine short documentary “Seven Days a Week” about a man, who sells newspapers in a street of London.

Now the director is back in the streets with “Sand Men”, a touching social documentary with three Romanian men, who have left their country, where no job was available for them, ending up on knees on the pavement skillfully making their sand dog, in all kind of weather, collecting coins from people passing by - money to be sent back to their families, to provide for them. One of them has his family with him, he and his wife and their child sleep in a car.

“I suffer for a good cause”, one of them says, “the family”.

The director has made interviews with the three; voices are put over images that follow their artistic work. It’s precisely edited, this slice of reality from a Europe 2018.

The documentary has been at more than 30 festivals with several awards.

UK, 14 mins., 2017

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