Magnificent7: Thomas Riedelsheimer

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Magnificent7: Thomas Riedelsheimer

I still remember that day in 2005 when the very first screening of a European feature length documentary took place here in Belgrade – and the Magnificent7 festival started. We had no real idea of how many spectators, who would come to the Sava Centre. It was around 1000! Who had a wonderful experience watching Thomas Riedelsheimer’s “Touch the Sound”. Now he is back with “Leaning into the Wind”, again a film about an artist, actually the second one about Andy Goldsworthy, the first one was “Rivers and Tides”. “Leaning into the Wind” is the title.

Here are some words from the director’s website:

"In 2011, during a shoot in Scotland, I met Andy Goldsworthy again. It had been ten years since we released Rivers and Tides and we had not seen each other in the interim. From the very first moment I felt like no time has passed at all – it felt as though we had just waved farewell a few days before. It felt intimate immediately and I became aware of my never-ending interest in this man and his work. People who know "Rivers and Tides" think they know Andy Goldsworthy. And so we both felt that adding a new perspective to him and his work would be fascinating.

"It has been a great time, an unforgettable experience. LEANING INTO THE WIND offers a different angle, a different perspective, another perception on many levels. It is not only an expansion of the former film but stands by itself. Another moment in time, of Andy´s life - and of my life."

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