New the streets of Prague

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New the streets of Prague

There was not a lot of power in the panel discussion at the Institut Francais yesterday where a panel discussion was held with good people like Estonian Max Tuula, Bulgarian Vesela Kazakova, Kenan Aliyev from Current Time TV, local hero Filip Remunda and Polish Konrad Szolajski. They gave each one of them a brief on what kind of stir their controversial films had given, the censorship they had met - it has all been written about on this site if you search the names mentioned. And of course, as said by Aliyev, investigative journalism is dangerous right now, referring to the murder of the Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak and his partner.

Same Aliyev came with the good news that on his television documentaries are more watched than the news - his channel (financed by Americans) broadcasts in Russian language in Russian speaking countries. BUT there was resistance elsewhere in Prague, here is a quote from Guardian:

Thousands of demonstrators brought the centre of Prague to a standstill on Monday night in a display of anger over the appointment of a communist-era riot squad officer to head the Czech parliament’s police watchdog.

Chanting “communists are murderers” and “we have had enough”, protesters held sheets of paper rolled up to resemble police batons in an expression of indignation over the installation of Zdeněk Ondráček, a Czech Communist party MP, as chair of the parliament’s general inspection of security forces commission.

The choice of Ondráček to head a sensitive committee overseeing police wrongdoing was confirmed in a parliamentary vote last week despite objections that he had served in a unit that beat up pro-democracy demonstrators in the 1989 Velvet Revolution before the fall of communism in what was then Czechoslovakia.

Monday’s protest coincided with simultaneous demonstrations in 10 other Czech cities and towns, including the second largest city Brno.

That's what is being talked about in Prague right now...

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