East Doc Calls for New Resistance

Skrevet den 06-03-2018 12:25:36 af Tue Steen Müller

East Doc Calls for New Resistance

I am in Prague for the East Doc Platform, organised by Institute of Documentary Film. It is as always a very welcoming and generous tribute to the documentary, where projects are being presented and discussed – and parallel the festival One World has started. In other words Prague is full of professionals within the documentary community and many viewers are expected – as usual – for the festival.

On the East Doc Platform catalogue and on posters (see photo) the text goes like this: ”New Resistance: Critical filmmaking is a risky business. Keep your brain safe!” This afternoon there will be a discussion on this theme, I will be there and come back to you with a report. In the panel is Estonian Max Tuula, Bulgarian Vesela Kazakova, Kenan Aliyev from Current Time TV, local hero Filip Remunda, Polish Konrad Szolajski. All people who have been involved in films, which have raised hard discussions.

What was the ”Old Resistance”, I asked one of the organisers, 1989 Tue, of course, and what about the 1968… Also that but you know what happened… and what happens now, where the President is very positive towards Russia and the communists are in government!

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