Vladimir Kara-Murza: Nemtsov

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Vladimir Kara-Murza: Nemtsov

According to NY Times, journalist, tv-host and political activist Karza-Murza, was in coma one year ago due to, what could have been an (the second one) attempt to poison him. Performed by Russia. He survived. The journalist, who is vice chairman of the Open Russia movement, and chairs the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom, published January 12 an article in Washington Post, where he touches upon the actual ban of Alexei Navalny to run for president this year… and in the paragraph before he writes:

”Two prominent opposition leaders were planning to run against Vladimir Putin in this year’s presidential election. One was Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister and regional governor, four-term member of parliament, and the only authentic opposition politician who won an election in Putin’s Russia, becoming a regional legislator in 2013. He was planning a return to the Russian parliament in 2016 and considering a challenge to Putin in 2018. The plans came to an end when Nemtsov was gunned down in the center of Moscow on the evening of Feb. 27, 2015. That, of course, disqualified him from the ballot.”

Karza-Mura is in Copenhagen tomorrow, where he shows his tv-portrait of Nemtsov and presents his view on Russian politics today.

It takes place in Cinemateket thursday at 16.15

Photo: Nemtsov and Kara-Murza

Russia, 2016, 66 mins.

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