CPH:DOX 2018/ Intro

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CPH:DOX 2018/ Intro

Well, how can I introduce the 15th edition of CPH:DOX that takes place March 15-25, with a programme that was launched yesterday? It’s impossible to give you the full picture of such a huge event, an hommage to the documentary genre.

The best for you is of course to make you check it yourself on one of the links below… More than 200 films with more than 100 being premieres with visiting directors. And an industry section with information on a forum for projects to be pitched, another forum dedicated to science documentaries, a conference on film related themes, training, the doc-lab, VR etc. etc.

It is overwhelming, you can spend a lot of time surfing on the internet links offered to you to try to find out where and what to do!

Profile? The best to get closer to that is maybe to quote the loglines for each of the competition programmes:

DOX:AWARD is our international main competition for the best and brighest in contemporary filmmaking. The F:ACT Award is dedicated to auteur filmmaking in the field between research-based, investigative journalism, activism and cinema. The Nordic:Dox Award is a selection of the best and brightest in cinema from the Nordic countries.

The New:Vision Award is dedicated to artists’ films in the field between documentary and visual art. Take a walk on the wild side! Our brand new Next:Wave Award is dedicated to emerging filmmakers with the courage to take chances.

Films nominated for the Politiken Audience Award in support of artistic freedom.

It’s difficult to disagree with what is in bold – auteur filmmaking, thanks for putting these words in to give a historical perspective and stress the personal and that documentary is an art form.

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