Magnificent7 Gets Support

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Magnificent7 Gets Support

Iva Plemic Divjak, one of the many Serbian film people helping to set up the festival has made this English summing up for me and you readers, of the article in of today

Members of the Independent Cultural Scene Association of Serbia - ‪NKSS is giving their full support to the ‪Festival "7 veličanstvenih" / Magnificent 7 Festival and are protesting against the decision of the Sava Centre to go full blown commercial and to withdraw from the partnership with the festival after 13 extremely successful years. They are giving an example of one of the Magnificent7 guests, the great German Kral, being astonished by the impressive audience in the full Sava center for the screening of "Un tango mas"... The punch line is the nature of Sava centre's sources of financing (quote): "We'd like to remind you of the fact that Sava centre, being a public institution, is partially financed from the budget of its founder - the City of Belgrade. As stated in the SC's business program, this subvention in 2018 amounts to 43.000.000 Dinars (362.870EUR), while the subvention they are receiving from the Serbian Ministry of Culture is 5.000.000 Dinars (42.190EUR)."

The picture is from the first edition’s first film in the festival in 2005, Thomas Riedelsheimer’s “Touch The Sound”.

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