Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary

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Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary

It’s a period of nominations for awards here there and everywhere. The national ones, the international ones. ”Who can bear to be forgotten”, as a line in a famous classic documentary goes. It means something to be on a list, to be appreciated, it’s not only red carpet and glamour. It helps get the films to an audience. Let’s mention the award given to a documentary at the Göteborg Film Festival in February. The quality focus is here obvious, when you see who got the award the three previous years:

”The War Show” ( by Obaidah Zytoon and Andreas Dalagaard,

”Don Juan” ( by Jerzy Sladkowski and

”The Look of Silence” ( by Joshua Oppenheimer.

The nominees for 2018 are

”Golden Dawn Girls” by Håvard Bustnes,

”Letters” by Marte Vold and Jéro Yun,

”A Good Week for Democracy” by Cecilia Björk,

”Entrepreneur” by Virpi Suutari,

”My Heart Belongs to Daddy” by Sofia Haugan,

”The Distant Barking of Dogs” ( by Simon Lereng Wilmont,

”That Summer” by Göran Hugo Olsson,

”The Deminer” (

by Hogir Hirori and Shinwar Kamal.

The winner can bring home 100.000 Skr.

The festival takes place January 26 to February 5. There are 399 films from 78 countries.

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