Arunas Matelis: Wonderful Losers/ Poster

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Arunas Matelis: Wonderful Losers/ Poster
It's not only because he is Danish... but also because it is such a good poster that reflects, what the film is about, the hard job that Chris Anker Sørensen (nickname in Danish: Oksen fra Hammel) and many others have as road bicycle riders. "Wonderful Losers" yes, who don't give up easily. Arunas Matelis, the director of this already two times awarded film found a part of the dialogue that Sørensen has in the film with the doctors in the car that follows:
Doctor (in driving doctors car) : Ask him if he hit his head…   Did you hit your head? He’s not even answering! Hold on! - Do you have a problem?  
Sørensen (next to the car) : Just... I don’t remember anything.  
D: You don't remember?
S: No. 
D: Does your head hurt?  Are you hurt? Stop! No, it doesn’t hurt very seriously, but he doesn’t remember anything.  
Hold on! Do you remember falling?
S: Yes... I fell... I remember…  
D: What? 
S: Only a small part…  
D: Do you remember only a small part? 
S: Yes, yes, yes.  
D: Can you see well or foggy? What about eyes? Can you see well?
S:  Yes, yes, well. I remember my name…
D:  Ok.
S:  I also remember my daughters… 
D: He remembers his daughters names. Good. If anything changes, if you feel sick, tell us! If you feel like vomiting… Well, he says he remembers what his daughters are called.  
... Arunas Matelis: About Chris Anker Sørensen - Although his role in the film is small, it is essential to me. When Mark Olexa captured him with his camera, I was convinced - I can do the film. Paradoxical as it may seem, the man keeps on pedalling even confused, having no recollection of falls, and maybe - the direction to where he's going. He keeps on moving, never stops even for a little break to clean up the wounds or to reassure the doctors in the medical car that everything's all right. All he remembers is his children's names. This could only happen in a documentary!
Photographer Gintas Berzinskas, poster designer Justinas Dadonas.
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