Yulia Grigoryants. Photographer

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Yulia Grigoryants. Photographer

The times they are a changing… Years ago I met Yulia Grigoryants several times in the Caucasus region. In Tbilisi and in her own country Armenia’s capital Jerevan. She worked with local Bars Media and was the producer of the film ”The Chosen Ones” that ended up having the title ”One,Two,Three”. I already then knew her as an excellent documentary photographer so when I met her again in Paris last week – she is married to a French film producer and they live in Paris – I asked if she would be so generous to let us show you readers a couple of her photos. Here is the first one that has this text to follow:

Yazidi Gyozal (34 y.o.) bakes bread in the traditional bread house "tonratoon" in Yazidi village Rya Taza in Armenia. Gyozal hasn't seen her husband for the last 10 years. He emigrated to France and even hasn't seen his youngest son. Together with her 4 children Gyozal waits for the moment when he will be able to take them to France.

Photo Copyright: Yulia Grigoryants.

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