Serbian Documentaries in Paris

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Serbian Documentaries in Paris

It’s a pleasure to see that Serbian documentarians get international recogniiton. They deserve it. And I know what I am talking about. Since the beginning of this century I have had the privilege to go to Belgrade to help Svetlana and Zoran Popovic to make selection for the Magnificent7 film festival, that will happen for the 14th time in 2018.

Through the festival I have kept contact with talented and skilled filmmakers, who have fought to raise funding for their films, and for several of them they have also been instrumental to make the festival happen. Four of them will next week be in Paris. Their

names appear below (with a lot of links to what has been written on but let me also mention Andrijana Stojkovic, who has just finished – after many years – her film ”Wongar” and who was so kind to invite me to play a Danish ambassador (two minutes role) in her fiction ”The Box”. A key person, who has worked as producer and first of all as cameraperson for many of the Serbian documentarians is Jelena Stankovic. Not to forget Jovana and Dragan Nikolic (The Caviar Connection and Iva Plemic,

who has helped Mila Turajlic with her two very succesful films, ”Cinema Komunisto” and ”The Other Side of Everything”, the film that days ago got the main prize at the IDFA festival,

But if you happen to be in Paris the next week, as I do, why not go to the Serbian Cultural Centre that is situated just opposite Centre Pompidou. Here you will see films and have the chance to meet:

Zeljko Mirkovic with his ”The Second Meeting” (PHOTO) (December 7 at 7pm)

… who wrote the following on his FB recently: ”10 years ago Optimistic film was founded. So far 52 international awards and Oscars candidature, 10 feature documentaries, 2 documentary series and 8 corporate films.” Mirkovic has just finished a very interesting film on a French family, who has gone to Serbia to develop the wine culture and create some international interest.

Sonja Blagojevic and her ”Kosma” (December 8 at 8pm)

such ” an honest, well told, informative and emotional documentary and documentation of how it is to be Serbian in Kosovo today. It is my hope that the film will travel because a description with an angle like this has never been done before, and because of its quality as a film.”

Boris Mitic with his ”Goodbye, How are You?” (December 9 at 6pm)

Mitic has released his new documentary this year, it’s the previous blog text on this site

Mila Turajlic with her ”Cinema Komunisto” (December 9 at 8pm)

I have already mentioned the enormous success Mila Turajlic has had with her new film – the same goes for this work.

On the 8th there is a ”table ronde” with the Serbian directors and French colleagues. 

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