Boris Mitic: In Praise of Nothing

Skrevet den 01-12-2017 11:45:56 af Tue Steen Müller

Boris Mitic: In Praise of Nothing

Boris, I watched it two times

your film, so full of rhymes

I was not stressed,

felt actually quite impressed

I loved the voice of Iggy Pop,

does that make me an intellectual snob?

The cabaret music made me glad,

I could not sit still where I sat

The images are sooo fine,

enjoyable as the best wine

Your texts are sometimes crazy

really pleasing this viewer lazy

I see the film as a tribute to everything

from your alter Ego Mr. Nothing

… and to Glawogger our master

who fought against disaster

But why sarchastic to the genre docu

I don’t think it suits you

But happy that you are not a journalist,

not so happy when you are a moralist

That would be my main objection,

to a film that does not want perfection

but that wants to question it all, through fun,

and a beauty that sometimes made tears run

Trust your image elegance

and your verbal eloquence

Big hug

from a clumsy text in blog

Serbia and many other countries, 2017, 78 mins.

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