dok.incubator in Malmø

Skrevet den 22-09-2017 15:04:45 af Tue Steen Müller

dok.incubator in Malmø

I have promised Andrea Prenghyova, director of the praised and popular dok.incubator workshop to promote the preview that she organises in Malmø within the Nordisk Panorama this coming Sunday 24th of September at 10am at Inkonst Festival Centre.

I do so with pleasure. I have attended previous sessions and it is always exciting to see, what is coming very soon. The filmmakers are there, they show trailers and scenes, the atmosphere is accordingly warm and supportive.

8 projects… and I know some of them, look fwd. To see how far they are.

”Over the Limit” by Polish Marta Prust that follows a young sportswoman on her journey to the Olympic gold. She is Russian, will she make it through what is called ”the extreme Russian training system”. What I have seen before is very promising.

And good friend from visits to Tbilisi, Georgian Mari Gulbiani is there with a film called ”Before Father Gets Back” – and well known Norwegian Håvard Bustness who has a story about ”women inside one of Europe’s most nationalist parties”, title ”Golden Dawn Girls” and then we know where we are: in Greece.

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