Makedox Winners with Jury Words

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Makedox Winners with Jury Words

Here they are, all the winners from Makedox 2017, with the jury motivations:

Onion Award for the Best Film in the Main Program

Jury: Choosing from the highly competitive films with an exceptional authorial voice, the jury decided to give the award to the film “21 x New York” by Pjotr Stasik, considering its mastery to complement the cinematic and visually sophisticated expression with the layered fluency of the film’s subject and content. The film by Pjotr Stasik radiates with its emotional dimensions as much as with its intellectualism.

Young Onion Award for the Best Film by First or Second Time Director - Jury: “A passionate trip of visual beauty, filmmaking at its best. A multilayered story of Georgia seen through the eyes of youth, and the fine balance and collaboration of these three filmmakers. For its unconventional and surprising visual narration, we award the prize toWhen the Earth Seems to be Light.

For succeeding in ambitious storytelling on an essential 21st century subject, we need to highlight Guillermo Garcia Lopez’s beautiful essay film, “Delicate Balance with a special mention.

Onion Seed Award for the Best Student Film – Jury: “To do a

documentary is to explore. You can move through space, even through time. Where you go is up to you. The award goes to a film that said: Take my hand, I’ll take you to the hearts of two people who have been in love for 45 years. Don’t worry, it’s only 18 minutes away. The title is “Close Ties”.

Sliced Onion Award for the Best Short Film – Jury: “1st place: I am not from here – Because we unanimously found it the best.

Special mention: Cucli – For the visual narration.”

Moral Approach Award for the Best Moral Approach in the Film – Jury: “The members of the Moral Approach Award jury, Aneta Duchevska, Brina Vogelnik and Vito Flaker decided to give this award to the film Machines by Rahul Jain. The film provides a profound portrayal of the lives of millions of people who live and work in the dilapidated buildings of the textile industry in India. Through the intense and striking depiction of the workers, as well as of the proprietors and the entrepreneurs, the film raises a number of questions regarding the moral and ethics of labor.”

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