CinéDOC-Tbilisi 2017/ The Winners

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CinéDOC-Tbilisi 2017/ The Winners

No objections to the choice of the jury at CinéDOC 2017, who gave the main award to ”You Have No Idea How Much I love You” by Polish Pawel Lozinski. With a special mention to Miroslav Janek’s ”Normal Autistic Film”. Ulli Pfau, spokesperson for a jury that also included Ukrainian Gennady Koffmann and Lithuanian Giedre Beinoriute, said that they would have loved to share the award between the two but that was not possible. For me Audrius Stonys ”Woman and the Glacier” and Helena Trestikova’s ”A Marriage Story” could also have qualified.

Lozinski can be double happy as he was also the favourite of the audience and received the so-called Audience Award. In other words: the jurors from the documentary world and the audience agreed.

The ceremony at the beautiful building on the Rustaveli Avenue – in Soviet times it was the venue for the pioneers, festival director Artchil Khetagouri told me, ”I came here as a child” – ended with a skype thank you from Pawel Lozinski, who had returned to Poland after having spent a couple of days at the festival with well attended Q&A sessions.

The beginning was equally exciting. The Youth Jury was on stage

and told the audience that the winner in this category was the film by Giedre Beinoriute, ”Conversations on Serious Topics”, a film that as the one of Lozinski has a form of its own, and a film that as the one of Miroslav Janek demonstrates the director’s strong sensibility, when it comes to working with children. ”Love is a feeling” says the little boy in the clip that followed the announcement of the award.

Love… which gives me the bridge to mention that the Danish film ”Venus” was given a special mention in the CivilDoc competition. Two of the protagonists had been to the festival introducing the popular ”let’s talk about sex” documentary. The CivilDOC winner was the Catalan documentary ”Ada for Mayor” by Pau Faus about the election of Ada Colau in Barcelona last year. The observational documentary film will serve as a starting point for discussions on politics in Tbilisi. An inspiration for the activists in Georgia.

Here follows a copy paste of the award list and the motivations:


Main Award: You Have No Idea How Much I Love You (directed by Pawel Lozinski)

"You have no idea how much I love you" presents the story of a painful relationship between a mother and a daughter in a most advanced and artistic way of filmmaking: reduced to the maximum, we follow a triangle between mother, daughter and a therapist which takes us take us to a series of extremely intense sessions of ways to learn to accept yourself.

Special Jury Mention: Normal Autistic Film (directed by Miroslav Janek)

"Normal Autistic Film" is anything but normal. It takes you into the world of children and teenagers with Asperger Syndrome. In a most gripping way the film follows their different and totally real ways of trying to express themselves with body language, music and poetry.


Main Award: Ada for Mayor (directed by Pau Faus)

The Film shows an activist Ada Colau who starts a remarkable journey to become the mayor of Barcelona The genuine energy of the community-based movement behind her brings hope and can encourage many people to participate in public life. It shows that it is possible to accomplish something by a democratic process, even for those without wealth and without resources.  Sí se puede!

Special Jury Mention: Venus (directed by Lea Glob and Mette Carla Albrechtsen)

Young women talking so honestly and openly about their sexuality proves to be liberating for both the protagonists and the audience. The authors managed to create a safe space for the protagonists and we can see how beautiful results safety and sincerity can bring about. We could only imagine what the world would look like if there were more such spaces. We believe this film may open a discussion about a topic that is really close to all of us.


Main Award: Didube, the Last Stop (Directed by Shorena Tevzadze)

The jury unanimously decided to award a film which stands out for its ability to tell very personal human stories. We, the viewers, are immersed into the minute details of life of the protagonists which would have stayed unnoticed otherwise.  This very personal story is touching, humorous, philosophical, contemplative, and empathic. It achieves to paint complex characters with precise details. The director succeeds to grasp the very special flow of time by letting us share a part of life with the protagonists. The seasons and politicians change but the main human values remain the same. It’s film about a small bus stop portrayed as a universe. The winner is Didube, the Last Stop  by Shorena Tevzadze.

Special Jury Mention: Bonfires and Stars (directed by Sasha Voronov)

The Jury would like to give a special mention to Bonfires and Stars by Sasha Voronov, the film that introduces us to the characters on a personal journey to create a new musical language that unities tradition and modernity.


Stranger in Paradise (directed by Guido Hendrikx)


You Have No Idea How Much I Love You (directed by Pawel Lozinski)


Conversations on Serious Topics (directed by Giedre Beinoriute)

And the awards from the CivilPitch competition:

Development awards from the Open Society Georgia Foundation:

  1. Under the clouds – Tanadgoma and Maurillo Mangano – 3000 USD
  2. Under the Rainbow – For Better Future and Beso Gvenetadze – 2500 USD
  3. Village development – Studio Re – Mamuka Kuparadze and Lali Kiknavelidze – 2500 USD 

Production awards from the East-west Management Institute (Access Program)

  1. Level 2 – CRRC Georgia – Mariam Kobaladze and Giorgi Parkosadze - 7500 USD
  2. Five meters of Rock – Urban Lab - Giorgi Babunashvili - 7500 USD

+ Additional awards:

2 passes to DokLeipzig from Brigid O’Shea – Under the rainbow (For better future and Beso Gvenetadze)

1000 Gel – from Sakdoc and one jury member –for Village development  (Studio Re and Lali Kiknavelidze) 


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