Krakow Film Festival: Music without Borders

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Krakow Film Festival: Music without Borders

A press release came in from one of the oldest documentary film festivals, in Krakow, that celebrates its 57th edition BUT with a young competition on music documentaries, the fifth edition of this novelty.

A quote of a quote: “As Anita Piotrowska, film critic and the co-creator of the programme of Krakow Film Festival points out, "music documentary film becomes more and more inclusive. Music always plays the main role here, but often it is additionally charged - it tends to be a political manifesto, an expression of rebellion against stereotypes, a new look at history or a sign of a complicated ethnic identity. It is increasingly difficult to find an "unadulterated" music documentary film. But this is which, in my opinion, proves its vitality and richness. And this is precisely this diversity - not only of the music itself, but of the contemporary ways of telling stories about it - that we tried to capture while selecting the competition titles."

Wise words and here you have the films selected:

"Chavela," dir. Catherine Gund, Daresha Kyi, USA, 90’

"Far Western," dir. James Payne, Japan, USA, 82’

"Red Gringo," dir. Miguel Angel Vidaurre, Chile, 69’

"Festival," dir. Tomasz Wolski, Anna Gawlita, Poland, 85’

"When God Sleeps," dir. Till Schauder, USA, Germany, 88’

"Sara Baras, All Her Voices," dir. Rafá Moles, Pepe Andreu, Spain, 91’

"Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream," dir. Margarete Kreuzer, Germany, 90’

"Born To Lose-a film about Lorenzo Woodrose," dir. Palle Demant, Denmark, 82’

"Soul Exodus," dir. Csaba Bereczki, Hungary, 92’

"The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev," dir. Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas, Israel, France, 74’

I have seen the latter, which is a family story full of music with the Papa (see the fantastic photo) of the Alaev family (who emigrated from Israel to Tajikistan in 1990s) as the main patriarchial character, who has to face, but does not want to, that children and grandchildren wish to take over, or at least have their independence as members of the family, and a religious community. And the orchestra! Sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, always with great music! And very well told.

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