Lviv Film Center

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Lviv Film Center

It’s a handmade cinema, Roman Bondarchuk said, after our pleasant tour to Lviv Film Center, where we visited the rooftop sunday morning. Saturday night a party had been held and Mr. Mykhailo, responsible for the running of the place, was in the beginning not that keen to show us around. It’s a mess, he said. Never mind, we responded. So we were there and got the fine story about the place:

The cinema used to be called Condor and later Falcon, and was built in Soviet times by the factories around the area – for the workers to have a cultural meeting place. Today it is Lviv Film Center, an arthouse cinema with a hall on the ground floor, and a rooftop cinema. As you can see from the picture (taken by Dar’ya Averchenko) there is a small table for the projector, a screen, chairs of different quality. In summer time with summer weather there is often three screenings at night, a ticket costs 2€, reduction if you take all three. Beer is sold, bottles with vodka etc. can be brought to the place.

”Toni Erdmann” was to be played sunday in this handmade outdoor cinema that very often has full houses. Audience? Between 18 and 30 sympathetic Mr. Mykhailo said.

Photo: Ellen and me.

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