Docudays UA 2017 Has Started

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Docudays UA 2017 Has Started

… and runs until March 31. I am happy to be here participating at the Docu/Pro, the industrial platform of a festival that celebrates its 14th edition this year. The platform includes talks from knowledgeable people like Brigid O’Shea from DOKLeipzig, Miriam Ryndová from IDF (Institute of Documentary Film) in Prague and Latvian producer Uldis Cekulis. My job is to coach filmmakers, who have been selected for Warscape, ”The international competition for documentary film projects about Ukraine or the Eurasia region, on the consequences of conflicts and other situations of violence inflicted upon civilians”…6 projects.

They will be pitching their projects on Thursday March 30 in a competitive session open to the public. The same goes for 5 projects in another competition, ”DokWorks”.

The screenings of the festival opened last night with the screening of ”The Yes Men are Revolting” by Laura Nix, an excellent start for

the festival that this year has Climate Change as its theme. Per tradition the festival came up with a fine, humorous introduction show – and well edited visuals for the many sections, competitive or non-competitive, the films have been divided into.

”4 degrees” is the motto of the Docudays 2017. It is explained like this on the website:

… Four degrees Celsius is the amount by which, according to the environmentalists, the average temperature on Earth will increase by the end of this century.

“Just” +4⁰С – and the World Ocean level will rise almost by 9 meters, and the territories inhabited by more than 600 million people will be flooded. The streets of London, Bombay, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, and Sydney will be covered with water.

“Just” +4 degrees С – and the whole Southern Ukraine will disappear under water.

“Just” +4 degrees С – and we’ll bid farewell to 1/6 of the life species on Earth.

At the same time, if the water level will increase only by one meter, displacement of people and construction of protection facilities would cost 950 billion USD…

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