Edvins Snore: The Soviet Story

Skrevet den 16-05-2008 09:58:08 af Tue Steen Müller

Edvins Snore: The Soviet StoryThe crimes committed in the name of Marx and Engels are of the same infamous character as those performed by the nazis. The two regimes, nazi Germany and communist Stalinistic Soviet Union worked together, and learned from each other when it came to extermination matters. 20 million people were killed during the Soviet Union. And yet Europe has never really approached the Soviet leaders or their Russian successors to demand a public recognition of the massmurdering that was done in their own country. On the contrary the Russia of Putin on many occasions looks back at the glorious times of the big empire. Many of the butchers have never been taken to trial for their crimes.

This is the approach of a documentary made by a filmmaker and historian from Latvia, one of the former Soviet republics. The film includes (horrifying) archive material and is built in the classical way for historical documentaries: archive, commentary (for my taste far too bombastic and conclusive), witnesses who experienced the kiling of their family and historical experts from different places in Europe. Powerful music, effects, corpses, mass graves, corpses, mass graves.

Yes, the director makes his point, and he has done a huge and impressive research in archives. It’s a film you can not escape from and it would be wrong to evaluate according to artistic criteria. It’s a film that is for public and global tv channels and I suppose a shorter version will be available.

Latvia, 85 mins. + Otto's link:   
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7 comments "Edvins Snore: The Soviet Story":

Vidar skrev den 29-05-2008 14:46:26:
Hej, er der nogen her der ved, om denne film kommer i danske biografer? F.eks. Grand?

Tue Steen Müller skrev den 30-05-2008 00:27:09:
Vidar, jeg skrev til manden bag "Soviet Story", Edvins Snore, og hans svarede sådan her: Yes, we are exploring this oportunity. We would certainly be interested to
show "The Soviet Story" on the big screen. We are open to enquiries and
expressions of interest from other countries.

Otto skrev den 01-06-2008 18:15:33:
"The Economist" had recently written an article about "Soviet Story" film. Link added Tue's review.

m j heiner skrev den 10-10-2008 21:04:54:
how can I purchase this dvd?

Allan Berg Nielsen skrev den 12-10-2008 09:17:27:
Edvins Snore: "The Soviet Story", publicity and distribution:

Egorka skrev den 22-10-2008 09:40:02:
The film “Soviet Story” is, unfortunately, full of fraudulent statements and is just a bunch of nicely wrapped propaganda...

Valerka skrev den 23-10-2008 15:34:51:
Seems, that Egorka cannot stomach Soviet regime being shown in negative light.
Well, my friend, have you heard of GULAG? It was the largest concentration camp system in history. Millions were exterminated there.

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