2nd Edition of AegeanDocs /2

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2nd Edition of AegeanDocs /2

We already told that for the second time the AegeanDocs festival is running, it opened on the 20th of September (and runs until the 28th) with a screening of “The Act of Killing”. Producer of the festival Chara Lampidou sent me yesterday information about the festival programme and this welcoming text of festival director Kostas Spiropoulos:

If someone was trying to describe in two words the content of ΑgeanDocs2014, I would suggest: Looking straight into reality. Face to face, with no ifs and buts, eloquent blandishments or rounding offs. 70 Greek and foreign directors face reality. They see, or more correctly, they read the world and the people. It’s a composition of problems, situations, adventures, in which people are involved either as part of collective subjects or as characters.

How useful is the sight – or more correctly: the different glances - of the artists?

The first seventh part of our century heralds a future dominated by the asymmetry. The inability to understand and predict. It is not only the inequalities and the contradictions that spawn, aggravate or rekindle.  It is, in particular, the inability of the political and scientific elite to understand, to interpret, let alone to deal with a complex universal reality. At such times the

human spirit turns to the art and, in particular, the art of arts and the cinema.

Painting meets literature, architecture, music, dancing in the cinema of reality: the documentary. Films from Peru, India, China, Argentina, Korea, the Balkans, Yemen, Palestine, Algeria, Malta, Israel, Canada are screened along with American, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian productions in the second AegeanDocs festival creating a panorama of the contemporary world.

It will be a big celebration of culture and entertainment with acclaimed quality films, absolutely free for the public. The program of the festival is organized in thematic sections on the history of Greece, the nazi and the neo-Nazi phenomenon, the human rights, the environment and ecology, but also on love, sex, marriage and flirt, the anxiety of death and the love of life, the humor and the blues, the dance, the music, the passions and the hobbies with motorcycles, bicycles and skate.

Photo from the opening.

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