Emel Celebi: Ain’t No Cinderellas

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Emel Celebi: Ain’t No Cinderellas

It’s on the political agenda in most countries, it is being discussed in the EU – undeclared work – and of course it is also the case in Turkey. When it comes to the profession of domestic workers, which does not count for anything, the situation is even worse.

Some brave women do something to change the working conditions for this profession in Turkey. They are launching a campaign demanding human working conditions for domestic workers. The whole process, the solidarity between the women in action, and what comes out of it, has been followed closely by Emel Celebi, an engaged female director, who also stands behind the documentary festival Documentarist.

She is with them in their homes, in one case also at the home of one of the customers, when they talk about compensation for injuries that come from the work, when they set up the ”Broom Academy” to educate colleagues and when they go to lobby the politicians or when they are in the streets to recruit members (photo) and get people to sign petitions for a better, safe and decently paid work. One of the strongest moments, however, is when one of them reads the note from the client of what is expected of her job on that specific day – there is enough for a whole week, as a colleague states.

Strong women characters in a well-made film that you can only give your full sympathy.

The film had its premiere at Istanbul Film Festival. For festival people who are a member of the festival scope, the film is available on this vod. It deserves to travel.

Turkey, 2014, 55 mins.

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