The Syrian Revolution/ 8

Skrevet den 25-10-2011 10:22:03 af Tue Steen Müller

The Syrian Revolution/ 8

Unfortunately and tragically, we have to return to Syria again. Orwa Nyrabia, filmmaker and co-director of the Damascus-based Dox Box Festival, that has reported from the very beginning of its existence, reports daily on facebook, several times, from his country, in Arabic and English. This was posted by him 18 hours ago:

Homs is under military attack... in Baba Amro, Homs, the army is NOW threatening the people by tanks to 'hand over' army deserters, the people deny deserters exist in the neghborhood, but, in a historical development: children were kidnapped and tied to the tanks to make sure the people do not attack them. CHILDREN KIDNAPPED AND TIED TO THE TANKS.

At the same time as BBC has this story, quote from the beginning of the article: Patients in government-run hospitals in Syria are being tortured in an attempt to suppress dissent, an Amnesty International report alleges. The 39-page report claims patients in at least four state hospitals have been subjected to torture and other ill-treatment, including by medical staff. Many injured civilians consider it safer not going to hospital, it says…

Horrifying documentation clips and update can be followed on the site below.

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