Syrian Filmmaker Arrested

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Syrian Filmmaker Arrested

This is unfortunately another text from the never ending news story to be brought from Syria. This time about a dear colleague from the team of the Dox Box festival. The text below is copy-pasted from the facebook, where his friends are constantly reporting on what happens in the country. And further below a link to the site of Ali Sheikh Khoder to be visited and supported:

Syrian filmmaker Ali Sheikh Khoder has been arrested by an unknown security division in Douma, Damascus, September 30 2011. Ali's whereabouts are still unknown. Freedom to Ali and all prisoners of opinion. Born in Damascus 1987. Started working in film in 2006, as videographer & as editor in local films, with independent filmmakers. City of Emptiness was Ali’s first film (DOX BOX 2010), followed by two short fiction films (Meal) and (Room number 0), both of which received the best film award in “cultural month” festival in Damascus.‬

PS. German/french broadcaster arte presents a theme evening on Syria October 11. Two documentaries are brought to the audience, one of them like this: Mit ihrer Handkamera begleitet Sofia Anara die Untergrundkämpfer der syrischen Revolution...الحرية-للمخرج-علي-الشيخ-خضر-Freedom-for-Syrian-Filmmaker-Ali-Sheikh-Khoder/169470929803317

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