The End of Pitching Sessions/ 2

Skrevet den 17-09-2011 16:15:36 af Tue Steen Müller

The End of Pitching Sessions/ 2

Lithuanian producer Dagne Vildziunaite writes after the Baltic Sea Forum in Riga – a perfect follow-up to the doc-discussion on this site:

I usually say it was nice to meet you again. But this time I want to say a bit more. During five hours trip home (from Riga to Vilnius, ed.) I got into melancholic mood and realized it is exactly 4 years after the first time I "came on the international documentary stage". It was also in Riga I was pitching ANTIS by Giedre Z, the project I sometimes thought we would never be able to finish...

All I remember from that time was me shaking in front of Nick Fraser from BBC.

This year I came back with an almost finished film, with two beautiful new projects (“Toys” and “Father”, ed.), with more hopes than fears and with much better understanding what documentary filmmaking means to me. I think I have found the way and I am 100% sure I would never had done it without the support by the wonderful tutors I have. Let me be a bit emotional and confess how happy I was to see your proud faces while us making confident speeches. I felt like delivering final words after getting university diploma and feeling inspiring smiling eyes of my two professors (hmmm, Mikael Opstrup and Tue Steen Müller, ed.). I feel a constant deep need to make you feel proud of us, to feel how worthy your work and support for me and for many others is.

I may sound like a small girl waiting for confirmation that she is nice and good. But the reality is I'm travelling, pitching for quite a long time, still have not received any CEs' support but every day I wake up with a stronger and stronger believe about what I'm doing.

And even more - this time after the meetings with all the CEs, after talking and looking in their eyes, I really understood they are not simple " free travellers".

They are people who do care (no matter if they have money or not)  and I think this is something exceptional that makes our documentary community alive under any conditions. We are like a small country that suffers the most during any crisis but at the same time is the most united and resistant.

We have our strong inside discussions, arguments and disappointments about each other, but we all together are searching for the way how to survive. I guess it is because we all  - filmmakers, funders, CEs -  all are in love with our babies "documentaries" and we simple can not imagine we could live without them. I am sure we'll meet very soon again!

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