Wim Wenders: Pina

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Wim Wenders: Pina

Saw the 3D film about legendary coreographer Pina Bausch in a totally full cinema hall during Moscow International Film Festival. It was one of those unique cinema experiences you will never forget. One after one the members of her Tanztheater, dancers from all over the world, speaking in different languages, and speaking in a way that the words do not only say something about the late (she died in 2009) Pina Bausch but also add in tone to the music of the film, the music that carries the dance scenes inspired from her work, especially from ”Café Müller”.

The dancers are of course brilliant on the stage that Wenders has established, and the imagery makes you think of great surrealist painters like Magritte, or of great filmmakers as Alain Resnais (”L’année dernière á Marienbad”) or the work of Swedish master Roy Andersson and his use of space. You do not at any moment get bored and you regret, when it is over, the 106 minutes of pleasure. And long to see it again.

Pleasure, yes, but what the dancers express, are feelings of pain and joy, sorrow and happiness, it is literally moving, they are moving, the images are moving, words are few but the movements of the dancer and their faces expressing gratitude to what Pina Bausch gave to them. It’s all about Love.

Germany, 2011, 3D, 106 mins.

Still: Donata Wenders, from

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