Zelig Student Films Travel

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Zelig Student Films Travel

Readers will know that I teach at Zelig Documentary Film School in Bolzano. 3 of the new students, who are in their first year of study, have recently written reviews of films on this blog and I am happy to update you on the success of several of the graduation films of students who were at the school 2007-2010 and now are out in ”real life”.

Benoit Felici’s ”Unfinished Italy” go to Rome Independent Film Festival in March, to the International Short Film Festival in Barcelona in April and to Indie Lisboa in May.

"Laas-Revuca (Jahrein-Jahraus)" has been nominated for the "Women DoP Award" of Dortmund-Köln's International Women Film Festival (Germany, 12-17 april). Martin Fliri's documentary has been shot by Nina Högg on Kodak 16mm stock. Here is a short annotation of the film: "The South Tyrolean apple business is highly developed and dependent on foreign workers. Mostly male, middle-aged and from one of the new European Union countries, they work several periods throughout the year in local orchards. A documentary film about guest workers and hosts. About homesickness and wanderlust.” The film is 42 mins. long.

Finally, Georg Boch can see his ”Facebook’s ”Adorno Changed My Life”” (photo) advertised on the site of the strong American distributor Icarus Films – together with other new titles like Nicholas Geyerhalter’s ”Elsewhere”, Patricio Guzman’s ”Nostalgia for the Light”, not to forget the classic masterpiece of Marcelæ Ophüls: ”Hotel Terminus”! Not bad for a beginner!

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