Memorimage 2010/2

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Memorimage 2010/2

The main awards of the festival were given to the Israeli film ”Jaffa, the Orange’s Clockwork” by Eyal Sivan, and to ”La Isla – Archives from a tragedy” by German Uli Stelzner. Both of them are strong political films, rich in content and style. As is ”Hugo Pratt in Africa” (PHOTO) by Swiss-Italian director Alfredo Knuchel, who in a labyrinthic form describes the fascinating connection between the father of Corto Maltese and the Ethiopia, he grew up in during the fascist Italian occupation of the country. The film was given the Mémorimage prize as the best production. A film about Barcelona and its rich families, and their business and private lives, mostly the latter got the prize for the best research. The director, Mireia Ros, tells the story by using a lot of cinematic means to make the huge amount of family archive material come alive in an entertaining and playful way.

Mémorimage has a unique concept for a festival. In terms of number of titles, and audience, the festival is among the smaller festivals – in terms of a focus on how films can make a new, or a re-interpretation of our common history, based on private or official audiovisial material, the festival can – after these first five editions – become an international meeting point for filmmakers, historians, researchers and ordinary curious film buffs. And at the same time inspire a Catalan audience to look at their own history with critical eyes.

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