Ken Loach on Television

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Ken Loach on Television

Ken Loach, no introduction needed, gave a strong speech the other day at the opening of the London Film Festival. According to the Guardian, that brought an excerpt of the speech (Saturday 16 October) the veteran director, who has made several films and tv plays for the BBC, Loach launched a quite tough attack on television and BBC in particular...

"Television has now become the enemy of creativity. Television kills creativity. Work is produced beneath a pyramid of producers, executive producers, commissioning editors, heads of department, assistant heads of department and so on that sit on top of the group of people doing the work and stifle the life out of them...if you´ve got 10 people sitting on your shoulder... you can´t be creative. All you can be is a mess...", Loach said, and continued, "those of us who work in television and film have a role to be critical, to be challenging, to be rude, to be disturbing, not to be part of the establishment. We need to keep our independence. We need to be mischievous. We need to be challenging. We shouldn´t take no for an answer. If we aren´t there as the court jester or as the people with the questions they don´t want to be asked who will be?"

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