Menstruation Film Travels

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Menstruation Film Travels

Some filmmakers are (also) born public relation stars. Diana Fabionova is one. First she presents her film as a first timer, then she starts to promote and pitch it, then she raises the funding... and makes the film ”The Moon inside You” that has menstruation as subject with the subtitle ”a secret kept too well”.

Go to the website below and see how many places this film has been shown and read here the newsletter text of today, authored by the production team about where it is going in the nearest future:

Dear Moonfriends and supporters, We are happy to share with you that "The Moon Inside You" was bought by Media Education Foundation and under the name "Red Moon: Menstruation, Culture & the Politics of Gender" will be able to reach millions of young people all around USA

After been sold out  in Brighton,  more screenings and festivals are ahead. 10th of February Melbourne, back in  Europe, it will warm up the Uteruses  in UK, London on  23.2. - 8.3. it will celebrate International Women's day in Lindau cinemaGermany. 9-10.3 Chicago, USA for Sex positive series "Let's talk about sex". 12-20.3 South American premiere will be held in International  Film festival of Guadalajara, Mexico. 12-21.3 Women's film festival in Vermont, USA. 13-20.4. Serbia, International Documentary Film Festival, Belgrade.  28.4- 2.5 Norway, Norwegian Documentary Film Festival. 28.4- 5.5 Zurich Lesbian and Gay film festival Pink Apple. 28.4-3.5  Poland and Czech Republic in Český Tešín and Polish Cieszyne. 28-29.6  Paris, France National French Doulas convention. We wish you a great premenstrual, menstrual or postmenstrual days, with love from Your M team... dvd's are sold through

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