The Dox Box Residency

Written 02-09-2015 18:22:14 by Tue Steen Müller

The Dox Box has published its Newsletter for September, which is full of useful information for Arab filmmakers – and for us who want to stay updated on what happens in the Arab documentary world. The main story is that grantees has been awarded for the Fall Cycle. For filmmakers to stay and work on the completion of their films with assistance from professionals. The Berlin based Dox Box organisation:

”DOX BOX received 40 applications from 10 Arab Countries for its inaugural editing residency in Berlin. The Selection Committee granted three projects for Fall 2015. These projects demonstrated an impressively strong point-of-view and approach to the sociopolitical reality of their respective countries. Each has succeeded in employing pre-existing audio-visual archival footage within their dramatic narratives...

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DOKU.ARTS Berlin with Sebald and Stan Neumann

Written 01-09-2015 12:23:14 by Tue Steen Müller

If you are near Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin the next weeks, visit the DOKU.ARTS Festival that has a very appealing programme to offer. A quote from the newsletter I received the other day:

“From 9-27 September, DOKU.ARTS will present 20 films from 13 countries with a focus on architecture and construction. The programme shows how the contemporary world of international documentary film regards building and architecture, as well as how construction processes and citizen participation are reflected in the medium of film. The architectural focus comprises 15 new documentaries, including outstanding long-term monitoring of buildings by SANAA, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Daniel Libeskind, and Peter Zumthor. Moreover, DOKU.ARTS shows new documentary portraits and essay films about Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Phyllis Lambert, Astrid Lindgren, W.G. Sebald and Nicolas Roeg.”

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Mladen Mitrović: Chasing a Dream

Written 31-08-2015 20:57:43 by Tue Steen Müller

I read that a film co-produced by Factum in Croatia had won the Audience Award at the recent Sarajevo Film Festival. I wrote to Nenad Puhovski in Zagreb and he sent me a link to the 145 minutes long documentary that Mladen Mitrović made by filming for more than 5 years on 4 different continents - in 12 countries (BiH, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, German, Russia, Sweden, Tunis, Turkey, Iraq, Mexico and USA). Quite an impressive achievement for the director, who like his protagonists left Sarajevo in the late 80’es and beginning of 90’es, when the war went on. They are Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats and what they have in common is that they played as kids in the director’s film, the (to quote the site of Factum) ”iconic child's film Small Passage that he made in Sarajevo's district of Grbavica.” That film was made in 1987.

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Jean-Gabriel Périot: A German Youth

Written 30-08-2015 18:10:47 by Tue Steen Müller

The last couple of years I have been more and more enthusiastic about archive-based documentaries. When they are built from personal and public archive like Catarina Mouráo´s ”The Wolf’s Lair”, when they work from an intelligent method in portraying ”Senna” and ”Amy” as does Asif Kapadia, when they play with the material and dare reconstruct as do Anders Østergaard and Erzsebet Racz in ”1989” or when they are supplemented by interviews about the fabulous Nina Simone as in the film by Liz Garbus.

So expectations were high when I sat down to watch Périot’s ”A German Youth” that – based mainly on found-footage including several film school films from the dffb, the film school in Berlin, founded in 1966 with an opening speech by Willy Brandt – through archive puts the focus on the 60’es and 70’es rebellion from before, during and till the end of Rote Armeé Fraktion (RAF), also known as the Baader-Meinhof group. Lots of material with Ulrike Meinhof, whose rethoric talent was so great, and films by Holger Meins, and tv newsreels to keep the viewer on the chronological track that the director seems to follow.

No conclusions, thanks for that, but why is it that I found the film totally boring and without soul, and could not find the red thread of the director. Because I have seen enough about RAF and this does not add anything to what I have seen and read? Last time in Berlin in January at the big exhibition that was diffficult because there were too many people, but I bought the catalogue and read it all, excellent. With ”A German Youth” I just thought: Where is the film? Sorry.

France, Germany, Switzerland, 2015, 92 mins.


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Christian Sønderby Jepsen: Naturens uorden

Written 30-08-2015 15:51:36 by Allan Berg Nielsen

Der er premiere 7. oktober og Sønderby Jepsens nye film har til den tid naturligvis en åbning i Rukovs forståelse af begrebet, men den er faktisk begyndt allerede nu, se her med traileren og fortsæt bestemt med den efterfølgende forfilm, filmen handler om en teaterforestilling, og til den forestilling på Det Kongelige teater er det klogt at købe billet NU, se bare her: (link til trailer på opslag 24. august) (forfilm om teaterbegivenheden)


Science is bringing us closer to creating the perfect human being. But what are the consequences of defying natural evolution?

Recent advances in medical science bring us closer to the prospect of creating a genetically perfect and flawless human existence. An unborn human life can be screened and influenced in so many different ways. Sperm banks offer to determine the sex, eye color and blood type of your dream child. Nuchal scans and genetic tests allow us to reject defects before it is too late. The goal is to give a worthwhile and healthy life to as many people as possible. A life without disabilities.  Or rather - a normal life.

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The Visit – from Armenia to South Africa

Written 28-08-2015 16:58:52 by Tue Steen Müller

Michael Madsen’s ”The Visit” (praised in Danish language by Allan Berg on this site) will be screened world wide this coming wednesday, see the impressive list of venues below. It’s a fantastic arrangement, ” live-streamed from a former military bunker in Copenhagen, Denmark.” The following text comes from the cph:dox festival: 

In collaboration with CPH:DOX, World Space Week, International Space University, Autlook and Magic Hour Films, DOXBIO will host a world premiere of the film in countries all over the world. On September 2nd at 19:00 CEST, the audience will have the opportunity to be

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Hazem Alhamwi: Portrait

Written 28-08-2015 16:27:30 by Tue Steen Müller

One day on Facebook, I received this text from Syrian Hazem Alhamwi, whose film was reviewed here in a long essayistic text by Sevara Pan:

“Hello my teacher.  I miss you.

I wish you are fine and in good health.

I am so happy to tell you that my new film: (From My Syrian Room ) will be screened in Yamagata film Festival in Japan. I am going there with the film.

Also it (will get) an important prize in Germany, I will tell you about it soon.

Here is my new gift to you. I wish you like.

You can use it in any kind of you want. TUE STERN MÜLLER semi caricatur portrait

With all love and respect.

I will be happy to send the original by post.”

Warms my heart of course, and to get your film to the prestigious Yamagata festival is really a fine recognition. I met Hazem at two workshops, he is now living in Berlin.

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Georg Larsen & Kasper Vedsmand: Massakren i Dvor

Written 27-08-2015 16:08:59 by Tue Steen Müller

The film, produced by Final Cut for Real with Croatian Sinisa Juricic, Nukleus as co-producer had its world premiere at the recent Sarajevo Film Festival in a special programme section called ”20 Years – dealing with the Past”. And has been shown on Serbian television – 870.000 viewers! The film now has its Danish premiere September 4 in 6 different cities (link below) in Denmark, with panel debates, to be followed later by a broadcast on Danish TV2. This post includes the English description of the film from the site of the producer and a Danish language review.

"Only a few meters from a Danish UN Camp in Dvor, Croatia, nine disabled people, both Serbs and Croats, were executed in cold blood by a group of unidentified men on August the 8th 1995. The Danish soldiers in Camp Dannevirke were assigned by the United Nations to monitor the ceasefire between the Serbs and the Croats. They were only allowed to use weapons in self-defense. In the summer of 1995, the Croatian Army ceasefire broke and about 250,000 Serbs were forced to flee during "Operation Storm". Once there was no longer a ceasefire to monitor, the soldiers were ordered to stay inside their camp and not interfere in the war. It was therefore up to one Danish officer, to make the crucial decision: to give orders to shoot or follow the UN mandate and not intervene. The film follows the former company commander Kold on his journey back to Croatia, to the place where he 20 years earlier had to make the most difficult decision in his life. Here he confronts his past and his decision, meets the commanders from the warring parties, and the relatives of the victims. He is forced to face difficult questions: Could he have stopped the massacre? Did he have a choice? Or was he, the Danish soldiers and the civilians actually let down by the United Nations?"

Vurdering: Der er specielt én scene i denne fint fortalte dokumentarfilm, som sætter sig. Jørgen Kold, som var kompagnichef i Camp Dannevirke, og Villy Bøgelund, som

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Asif Kapadia: Amy

Written 26-08-2015 08:08:54 by Allan Berg Nielsen

”…an intensely intimate experience, which is delightful as you’re getting to know her early on, when she’s all shy, charming smiles and having her first successes. In its rise-and-fall arc, her star-is-born/star-is-dead story is painfully familiar; she is, bluntly, just one more name now etched on our pop-cultural mausoleum. Yet, as this movie reminds you again and again, the commercial entity… was also a human being, and it’s this person, this Amy, whom you get to know through all the lovely little details, knowing winks, funny asides and barbed observations that help make the movie memorable…”

Sådan skrev Manola Dargis 2. juli i New York Times. Min kollega Tue Steen Müller brugte citatet da han generelt pegede på de fremragende filmanmeldelser i New York Times (som desværre bliver indskrænket) og som smagsprøve brugte han dette ”very very inviting review” som han skrev. Nu har jeg så sidst af alle (tror jeg) været i biografen at se Asif Kapadias Amy og ja, skriver jeg med det samme, det er en vidunderlig filmbiografi eller en filmroman måske om et menneskes historie, dets liv, ganske kort, men umådelig rigt på lykke og fortvivlelse.

Jeg gik til filmen uden specielle forudsætninger, kendte ikke Amy Winehouse, kender faktisk ikke meget til jazz, har slet ikke forstand på jazz. To af mine venner tog mig med og med vilje lod jeg være at læse foromtaler og anmeldelser. Men jeg var fordomsfuld, ventede et musikerportræt, et stykke journalistik, ja, ventede et konventionelt værk bygget af arkivmateriale og interviews med Winehouse’s familie, venner og kolleger.

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New York FF: Spotlight on Documentary

Written 25-08-2015 12:49:34 by Tue Steen Müller

More news from NY, where the 53rd edition of New York Film Festival takes place September 25 to October 11. I have written about the world premiere of Laura Israel’s film on Robert Frank, that is placed in the Main Slate competition of the festival – but there is also a ”Spotlight on Documentary” that is very attractive. It has the following introduction on the site of the festival:

Documentaries come in all shapes, sizes, and tones: compressed and expansive, eclectic portraits and vérité canvases, objective examinations and works of passionate advocacy… This year’s Spotlight on Documentary represents the entire spectrum of nonfiction cinema… and (my comment) is this not a fine description of the reason for the popularity of the genre in these years?

11 films are there, to mention some: Wiseman with ”In Jackson Heights” (said to be ”one of New York City’s liveliest and most culturally diverse neighborhoods”), Stig Björkman’s ”Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words” (for the Danes: premieres in Copenhagen this coming thursday), the recently DocAlliance awarded ”Homeland” by Abbas Fahdel is listed, Pamela Yates portrays legendary Haskell Wexler in ”Rebel Citizen”… but maybe the title that raises most curiosity is ”Field of Vision” by Laura Poitras, description like this: A selection of short-form episodic works, including installments of Asylum, in which Laura Poitras (whose CITIZENFOUR had its world premiere at last year’s NYFF) shadows WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as he publishes classified diplomatic cables and seeks asylum in London’s Ecuadorian embassy.

Photo taken at the Amdoc Festival in Palm Springs in March this year, Wexler (left) with colleague Frederic Goodrich.

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